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Actived: Sunday May 31, 2020


Flight Coupons.What Are They For? -

That is how the airline gets paid. Basically. The coupon is the proof that the pax has paid for the sector. So the coupon is a very valuable document like a cheque.

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United Travel Vouchers -

United Travel Vouchers Discussions about factual events happening in the airline and general aviation industries. If it's happening in commercial aviation, you'll get the information and opinions here first.

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Non-revving, Badge On Or Off? -

Quoting PiedmontINT (Thread starter): One being the badge wearer and the fact that the staff immediately knows they are an employee and by wearing it helps you with the perks i.e. upgrades, free booze, F/A's who may want to chat with you .

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DL Pas get $100 Vouchers for getting soaked with water

My sense is that basic customer service issues get $50 or $100 certificates almost pro forma without many questions asked. Several years ago everyone on our flight got $50 cash (via a gift card printed on ticket stock) and $100 certificate after a rather intoxicated passenger attempted to open the door during approach but while we were still several thousand feet up.

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American's Old BNA Hub -

Tbh, I really don't know what AA was trying to get when they launched the RDU and BNA hubs. My understanding was that BNA was for Southeast-->Midwest/West Coast travel and RDU was for North-->South travel. BNA suffered from heavy competition from ATL, CVG, MEM, CLT whilst RDU was literally up the road from CLT, and also in close proximity to ATL.The South could realistically only support two

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Norwegian announces DEN-LGW and SEA-LGW - Page 3

smallvoyageur wrote:Having a quick thought of this,about picking SEA and DEN is a little strange speaking from a British Millennial pint of view, certainly compared to say New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Seattle is little unfashionable at the moment, things that was attractions to the city like Pike Place Market, Starbucks, Space Needle, grunge etc. was fashionable around 20-25 years

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5 Hour Delay - Compensation? -

As far as ATC delays, like flow, go, the FAA assigns departure times so that the arriving aircraft are given a window based on the estimated time enroute.

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UA Agent Canceled His Reservation Because He Filmed Her in

UA Agent Canceled His Reservation Because He Filmed Her in Bag Dispute #19530925. BY TerminalD - Wed May 10, 2017 1:50 am - Wed May 10, Or I could try to use three $1 off coupons that clearly say limit one per customer. These are all things that happened to me in various jobs I had growing up.

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SNA Choked Off ("Security" Measure) -

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How to look up PDEW? -

SANFan wrote:Hold on a second guys. The DOT stats referenced do not exclude connections at all; they simply show how many people fly between Point A and Point B. Period. Tables 1A and 6 show the traffic that flies between 2 cities -- how they get between those 2 cities is irrelevant to the tables.

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