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How You Can Get The Most Out Of Any Online Sale | CIMB

Make the most of it to save on your favourite stores. If you have rewards and cash back saved up, you can use them to knock a few numbers off your bill. You can also get rebates to use later, or cash out your savings. Our CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum Credit Card gives you 0.2% cash rebates when you shop online or retail.

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Reduce Household Bills | Cutting Household Expenses | CIMB

There’s an art to saving quite a few ringgit in the store. For instance, buy ingredients instead of convenience (for example, a whole chickens cost less than pre-cut pieces). Purchase non-perishables in bulk, especially during a sale. Check the store brochures for discounts, coupons, price-offs and take advantage of credit card cash backs.

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5 Online Shopping Tips To Help You Survive The 12.12 Sale

There are tons of websites offering vouchers and coupons. CIMB Deals offer shopping, dining and entertainment promotions. ShopCoupons and The New Straits Times offer codes for e-stores, travel and more. You can even get deals especially for 12.12 on FavePay. Saving money goes hand-in-hand with spending wisely.

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3.2 There is a cut-off time for submission of applications on any given day. 3.3 Instructions given by Customer to CIMB Islamic prior to the cut-off time on any Dealing Day will be carried out on the same day provided the necessary payment(s) instructions can also be carried out prior to the cut-off time.

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