Find Help Paying Bills, Debt, Rent, Medical And Mortgage

Housing assistance - Rent, mortgage, and utility bills. Many government programs, community action agencies, charities, churches, and local non-profit organizations provide short term rent or mortgage help. There are places for free hotel vouchers, utility bill assistance and/or low income housing.The support provided to tenants or homeowners also involves stabilization services to help the

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Online deals and codes save money while shopping

We recently found codes to get $10 off a $100 order at, $20 off a two-night stay booked through, 15 percent off purchases at the sporting-goods store, and many others. These codes are a tremendous help in saving money.

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Get free prescription coupons for medications

Get prescription coupons for medications. Save money by using free prescription coupons when shopping for medications. There are many companies that provide this service to patients of all income levels, whether they have health insurance or not. The prescription drug coupons can be used at local pharmacies or most national retailers as well.

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Find free gas vouchers - need help paying bills

To find financial assistance programs, including free gasoline or vouchers, you can use the search box at the top of this page and search by your county and the phrase “assistance programs”.Also use keywords such as gas, bus passes, and similar terms. Or additional options are available as well. Find a listing of local assistance programs by state and county, which also includes the

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How to use coupons to save on groceries and food costs

You need to combine coupons with in store-sales and two-for-ones. One consumer recently acquired two boxes of Cheerios cereal with a coupon. They were on sale at the grocery store at a price of for 2 for $3. The person then used two $1 off manufacturer coupons, saving an additional $2. The total cost per box: only 50 cents.

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Find free motel and hotel vouchers - need help paying bills

Agencies that may offer free vouchers near you. Many charities and non-profits operate these and try to keep the programs funded. In some states, such as Washington or Illinois, the state may provide some grant funding for these lodging programs.

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GoodRx drug assistance discount card - need help paying bills

Coupons are available from multiple sources, including a mobile phone app. Or coupons are to be printed right off their website or texted to your phone, and also email distribution lists. The coupons are also free to use as well as print up. In addition, the mobile app is free to. Coupons provide the most savings.

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Assistance when food stamp benefits are cut

Families that use coupons (many of which can be printed off the internet for free), that review store flyers and sales, sign up for discount cards, and buy store name brands, it is possible to reduce a grocery bill from 10 to 20%. That is easy to do. Many people use this tactic to save as much as 50% per month on their grocery bills.

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Get free money | Find how to find free money for paying bills

Regardless, saving money is really equivalent to free money. Anyone who takes advantage of coupons, online rebates, smart phone applications, sales, discounts, price comparisons, and more is in effect earning free cash, which can then be used to help pay the bills or really anything. Find how to save money along with many tips.

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Free items for low income families | Find free stuff

Coupons can be used to buy a wide range of stuff. They are free to print up on the internet and can be redeemed almost anywhere. Or print them up online. Find a listing of programs to save on grocery bills.. In addition to that, there are sources of free coupons as well as tips that shoppers can use to save even more money. The fact is this process is simple to do, and families can save money

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Free bus passes - need help paying bills

Each applicant is assessed on a one-off basis, but the goal is to always offer some form of gasoline voucher, taxi, or bus pass to the client. Find what other assistance programs from community action agencies exist. Learn about the services they may offer, but in general the bus tokens as well as other aid (self-sufficiency, government grants

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