15 Group Messaging Mobile Apps | Practical Ecommerce

Group messaging apps are useful communication tools for getting in touch with several people at once. Here is a list of messaging apps. There are apps for simple group messaging and for advanced team collaboration, integrated with a variety of productivity tools to run a project or business.

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Individualized Coupon Codes Prevent Abuse, Enable Tracking

This retailer gets $10 off of each widget it buys, but the special purchase is limited to 1,000 widgets total. The retailer decides to use the special buy as an opportunity to obtain new customers. It creates $10-off coupons, puts the coupon on a landing page, and buys PPC ads to drive traffic to the landing page. But the coupon code goes viral.

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Try a Dwindling Discount for Black Friday Ecommerce Sales

At 12:01 a.m. on Friday, a shopper would get 30 percent off of your discounted Black Friday items, but at 4:01 a.m. the discount would be just 25 percent. At 8:01 a.m. the shopper would save just 20 percent, and so on. You could start your store’s Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving Day.

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Affiliate Marketing: How to Manage Coupons, Deals

For example, a code rewarding customers with 10 percent off their next purchase could be submitted to RetailMeNot, and shoppers outside of your target audience would be able to receive the discount. Such activity dilutes the impact of your marketing campaign. Distribution Tools for Coupons, Deals.

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Sharable Coupons Can Boost Sales | Practical Ecommerce

Use Buddy Coupons—A typical buddy coupon will offer a small discount, say 5 percent off, to one of your customers, but the coupon’s value grows when that customer shares it. If a friend uses the same coupon code for her discount she gets 5 percent off, but the original shopper’s discount moves up to 10 percent.

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3 Group Coupon Companies for Purely Online Merchants

As with Groupon and others, deals are deeply discounted, as much as 50 percent or more off retail prices. For example, Maple Sugar and Vermont Spice offered $10 for $20 worth of maple syrup, candy, sugar and related food products. French Quarter Market offered $15 for $30 worth of Fleur-de-Lis items from New Orleans.

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PeC Traffic Report: Accept Competitors' Coupon Codes

The same tactic (offering competitors’ specials) can work for your ecommerce store. Specifically, consider accepting coupon codes from your competitors to boost site traffic and conversions. If you sell against someone who offers 10-percent off on online coupon, offer similar savings using the identical coupon code.

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5 Things to Put in the Shipping Box | Practical Ecommerce

Put Coupons in the Box Eastbay , an athletic apparel retailer based in Wausau, Wisconsin, includes a broad, percentage-off coupon offer in the box with the orders it sends to customers. In a recent example, a returning Eastbay customer could get 15-percent off of a $75.00 or larger order with the coupon code included in the box.

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Facebook Launches 'Offers' for Facebook Pages | Practical

Facebook suggests discounts should be at least 20 percent off regular prices. Keep it simple. Describe the offer’s terms and conditions in as simple a manner as possible. Use an engaging image. Facebook says photos of people using the product works better than images of the product by itself. Keep language natural and direct.

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The (Many) Benefits of Offering Free Shipping | Practical

Similarly, many online sellers are very happy to offer shoppers 10-, 20-, or even 40-percent discounts on products in the form of sale prices and coupon code offers, only to be reluctant to offer free shipping.

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