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A while back, I read an article about earning passive income on Etsy, which mentioned selling a variety of printables.. I thought this could be a great idea! So I put my designers to the task and had them help …

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How To Create Coupon Codes and Discounts On Amazon, Etsy

How to create a coupon code for a percentage discount (e.g. 50% off): Login to your Seller Central account. Go to the ADVERTISING tab. Choose Promotions from the drop-down menu. Click Manage Product Selection. Click Product Selection Type. Select ASIN list from the drop-down. Click Create Product Selection.

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Hashtags, templates, coupon codes, and mockups for

Thanks for creating this post! I am about to experience my first halloween season with the low hanging system. The tags and coupon codes really gave me some cool ideas for mugs i could make.

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Mockups, templates, coupon codes, and more for Easter and

Easter and Passover are coming up (April 21 and April 19-27, respectively). People love honoring traditions and getting into the holiday spirit. And while neither Easter nor Passover is a particularly huge gift-giving holiday, tokens of affection are still often given, especially to children or to the host or hostess of a special get-together.

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Hashtags, templates, and coupon codes for Valentine's Day

Plus, once you create a coupon code, you can submit it to Use promo code SWEETHEART to get 20% off. Template 2: Shower your significant other with #love (and gifts) this #ValentinesDay: [link]. Save $10 with promo code _____ #hearts #romance.

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Mockups, templates, coupon codes, and more for Valentine's

Valentine’s Day coupon code suggestions; Hashtags related to Valentine’s Day (as well as a few anti-Valentine hashtags) And fill-in-the-blank social media templates; Let’s take a look! Valentine’s Day mug mockups. Over the holidays, I put my fantastic designers to work creating mockups pertaining to Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s.

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Here's how to entice more people to buy from your Etsy

Coupon code [coupon code name] will automatically be applied at checkout. Don’t wait to save big! Sale ends [end date]. Instagram. Save big on our collection of unique [e.g. mugs, pillowcases] here: [Etsy coupon link]. Coupon code [coupon code name] gets you [e.g. 15% off, $10 off] your [e.g. next purchase, purchase of $30 or more].

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Hashtags, templates, and coupon codes for Mother's Day

Literally billions of dollars are spent each year on Mother’s Day, with the average consumer spending over $100 on gifts.And people love shopping for presents (and good deals) online.

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Hashtags, templates, and coupon codes for Easter promos

If you’re a member of the Low Hanging System and want to create codes on ecommerce sites, check out these “how to” articles about making coupons for Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Also, once you create a code, you can make it available to an even wider customer base by submitting it to a website like RetailMeNot.com. Easter Hashtags

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Save time and effort by learning from my mistakes - 5

Select Marketing, then Sales and coupons. Click + New special offer in the top-right corner. Choose Send offers to interested shoppers. Abandoned cart shoppers. Select your discount type: percent off, fixed amount off, or free standard shipping. Choose a coupon code, e.g. COMEBACK. Click Review and confirm. On the next screen, click Launch

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Hashtags, templates, and coupon codes for St. Patrick's

Sales for creative novelty items spike way more often around holidays and special occasions. People love traditions and getting into the holiday spirit. During Christmas for example, sales were through the roof. We could barely keep up at the warehouse. I saw another sales spike just before Valentine's Day, and I even see them for "smaller" holidays like Columbus Day.

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