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Actived: Tuesday Mar 24, 2020


No, Walmart Is Not Offering Free $75 'Anniversary' Coupon

In December 2019, Facebook posts offering free coupons supposedly worth $75 in merchandise from Walmart began circulating with the claim that the company was celebrating its anniversary:

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SCAM: Target $50 Coupon

A Facebook offer for a 50% off coupon good at Target retail stores is a survey scam. and make a purchase before they could retrieve their coupons. Even then, however, a 50% off Target coupon

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Coupon Scams

CONSUMER ALERT “Gas Coupons” an Excuse to Get Bank Account Numbers Our office has recently heard that telemarketers are calling households in Texas offering $200 worth of gas coupons for $3.95.

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Kroger Free Coupon/Gift Card Scam

Kroger Free Coupon/Gift Card Scam Kroger is not giving away free grocery coupons or gift cards to Facebook users who like and share a post.

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SCAM: Meijer $75 Off Coupon -

A $100 off "Back to School" Meijer coupon is just another survey scam. The Meijer supercenter chain is not giving away $75 coupons to users who like and share Facebook posts; it's a form of survey

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Kohl's Thanksgiving Coupon Scam

Kohl’s Thanksgiving Coupon Scam No, Kohl's isn't offering a 50 percent off coupon to Facebook users who like and share a status.

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Is Kohl's Offering a $100 Coupon to Celebrate Its 57th

In late November 2019, a coupon purporting to offer $100 in merchandise from the Kohl’s department store circulated on Facebook. The alleged coupon was shared with false information that it was

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$100 JCPenney Coupon Scam

The $100 off $110 coupon offer that has been posted to some social media sites is not a valid JCPenney coupon. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Legitimate coupons for JC

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FACT CHECK: Lowe's Coupon Scam -

This coupon offer was fake, just another iteration of similar scams that have made the online rounds several times before. In May 2015, a fraudulent offer for $100 Lowe’s coupons started

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FACT CHECK: $75 Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon?

In April 2017, a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon offer (purportedly good for $75 off any purchase) began circulating on Facebook under the guise of a Mother’s Day promotion:

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