How To Choose The Right Mortar Mix: N, O, S, Or M

Mortar is the element that bonds bricks or other masonry units together and provides structural capacity to the wall or other structure. There are four main types of mortar mix: N, O, S, and M. Each type is mixed with a different ratio of cement, lime, and sand to produce specific performance characteristics such as flexibility, bonding

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Coupon - What is a Coupon? - Retailing Terms

The beauty of coupons is that they bring value to your brand while protecting your margins. For example, if you run a sale on shoes in your store at 20% off, then every pair of shoes you sell will be 20% off reducing all of your margins by 20%. However, if the only way to get the 20% off was with a coupon, then only those shoes would be discounted.

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How to Make Effective Coupons

Designing coupons can be a fun way for you to show off your creative side. But there are some important features that all coupons should contain, whether they are for products or services. But there are some important features that all coupons should contain, whether they are for products or services.

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Creating Coupon Promotions: Tips for Retailers

A coupon campaign requires testing and measuring. The use of tracking codes printed directly on the coupon, or coded in electronic delivery, allow a retailer to see which customers redeemed the coupons and where those coupons were found.

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How to Start a Coupon or Daily Deal Site

All you need is a web host and domain name to start building your site. The programs you'll use to offer coupons are usually free to join. Quick to set up. Using a blog platform such as WordPress, you can have the foundation of a coupon site up in a matter of hours. Flexible to run. You can manage a coupon or daily deal site any time and anywhere.

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How to Charge GST/HST on Discounts

For a discount offered at the time of sale, you charge GST/HST on the net amount (the sale price minus the discount).So for instance, if a customer bought ten dancing hula lamps that normally cost $100 each and you were offering a 10 percent discount on that item, you would charge the customer GST/HST on the net amount of $900 ($1000 minus the $100 discount).

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How to Deduct Employee Gifts, Awards, and Bonuses

Bonuses to employees are considered income and are taxable to the employee. You must withhold income taxes and FICA taxes on employee bonuses (unless the employee is over the Social Security maximum for the year. If you decide to give your employees a bonus, you must give them the opportunity to change their withholding authorization (on Form W-4) for that paycheck, and change it back for

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What to Know Before Making an Offer on eBay

To test the market: The seller may only want to entertain offers and see what the market will bear.An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. A woman who wears a size 8 Anthropologie dress may only want to pay $25 for her dresses, while another woman who may really love the brand and have trouble finding her desired size and style may pay $60.

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First Time Guide on How to Buy on eBay

First Time Guide to Buying on eBay Get the Most out of Your First eBay Buying Experience. and it can be much harder to protect against a deal going awry or getting ripped off. Once you've received your item and are satisfied with it, leave feedback giving your opinion of the transaction. This is a key feature of eBay and can be a good way

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Deducting Advertising Expenses

Advertising in various media like newspapers, TV, internet, cable, and magazines; Marketing activities, such as direct marketing.; Promotional and public relations expenses, like sponsorship of sports teams and promotional items like mugs, caps, t-shirts, and pens.; Online activities such as email newsletters, pay-per-click advertising, and SEO services

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Couple Uses eBay to Help Pay $77,000 Student Loan Debt

Selling on eBay can be a fun hobby, but for one couple it meant paying off a whopping $77,000 in student loans in just three years. Kate and her husband Josh have conquered a mountain of debt by using Dave Ramsey’s principles, eBay, and discipline.

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