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Filed under: NFL; Cam Newton Was the Patriots’ Nightmare. That’s Exactly Why They Wanted Him. The former MVP was 2-0 against New England, making him one of a small handful of QBs to have a

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Promo Codes for Ringer Podcast Listeners - The Ringer

Acer: Go to, click on “Store,” and enter coupon code “BIGPICTURE” at checkout to receive 10 percent off, plus free ground shipping on a Swift series laptop — including already

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Mark Cuban’s Forever War With NBA Officiating - The Ringer

The Mavericks owner has racked up more than $2 million in fines in 20 years—and with a $500,000 penalty on Friday, he shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Here is a look at his most

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How to Wean Yourself Off Amazon This Holiday Shopping

Also, the aforementioned browser extension Honey will alert you if there are any coupons or promo codes available. Other popular places to check for promo codes include RetailMeNot and .

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Texas–OU Was a Perfect Rendition of a Classic Rivalry

Texas–OU was the site of some of mine and my friends’ dumbest behavior. In 2005, after Vince Young threw a touchdown pass, one of my buddies called me on his cell phone from the other side of

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Deals Are the New Clickbait: How Instagram Made Extreme

Deals Are the New Clickbait: How Instagram Made Extreme Couponers of Us All. The basic concept of couponing—companies offer a deal, customers take that deal—has not changed since the late 1800s.

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If You Race Zion Williamson, He Will Chase You Down and

Better keep hold of those Target coupons. Katie Ledecky . There is a swimming portion to Million Dollar Mile, which is where Katie Ledecky—one of the best swimmers on the planet—would have a

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Retailers Are Fighting Online Shopping With … Phone

There is a trade-off to using many of these machines, and as usual, it’s customer data. “Most kiosks ask optional survey questions before allowing the user to start charging,” Macridi says.

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‘The Office’ Ended Five Years Ago, So Let’s Hand Out Some

The second season of The Office begins with an iconic episode known as “The Dundies,” a 21-minute play on an awards show (that takes place at a Chili’s) full of jokes that riff on the

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A Tribute to Kevin Costner’s Many ‘Yellowstone’ Jackets

This is just an all-time absurd way to kick off a TV show—and a really good microcosm for Yellowstone in general. A great man named Michael Bay once said on the 1999 DVD commentary for

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When a Celebrity Is Ejected From American Life, He Turns

“Take the millstone off your neck and put it aside.” But alongside the usual podcast fare of the opening monologue and the coupon code, one pariah counseling another was almost touching

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